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How the Cooperative Works

The Aircraft Builder's Cooperative’s purpose is simple: to bring the joy of flying to members of our community at the lowest possible cost, while nurturing a supportive group of aviators, airplane enthusiasts, and other advocates.

ABC is developing a group of supporters, our Sponsoring Members, who form the core of the Co-op’s initial membership. With the help of these and other donors, as well as existing ABC resources, the Co-op plans to purchase a
Kitfox Series 7 Super Sport, LSA kit, manufactured by Kitfox Aircraft, Homedale, ID.


If you’ve dreamt of learning to fly, ABC is the place for you! By volunteering your time and effort in assembling a light sport aircraft, you can attend ground school and gain access to flight time as you train for your Sport Pilot’s License.

Cash Costs:

$500 one-time fee to join a Builder/ Pilot Crew, $250 of which is refundable once the student takes and passes the FAA-required Knowledge Exam (a Co-op prerequisite to Flight Training) and passes the final check ride and gets licensed.

Download the Builder/ Pilot Info Sheet here.

Download the Builder/ Pilot Application

Download the Volunteer Work Agreement and Hold Harmless.

Projected Timeline

Concurrently, the Co-op organizes a Builder/ Pilot crew of seven to eight individuals to begin the flight training cycle. During the training period, each Builder/ Pilot attends ground school (about 50 hours over four months, not including homework) and assembles the newly-purchased Kitfox airplane (about 100 hours over three months).   In exchange for the Builder/ Pilots’ volunteerism of time and effort in assembling the Kitfox, each Builder/ Pilot receives flight time credits in the Kitfox for their flight training (20-30 hours over 3-4 months).

Once the Kitfox is assembled and has its Flight Worthiness Certificate issued by the FAA, it is available for use by the Builder/ Pilots and Co-op Members. Sponsoring Members who are licensed sport pilots receive complimentary rental flight time (up to 50 hours, based on sponsorship level).   Builder/ Pilots and other Co-op Members may begin flight training with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) after taking and passing the FAA-required Knowledge Exam, as a culmination of their ground school training.

During the ensuing months, Builder/ Pilots advance through the flight training process of securing their Sport Pilot's License issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and begin logging solo flight hours in the Kitfox. Finally, Builder/ Pilots complete their training and take their final check-ride. The entire process of ground school, kit plane assembly and flight training takes less than a year.

After the Builder/ Pilots pass their FAA Knowledge Exam, they earn a 2% interest in the kit plane they helped assemble, which they can convert to cash or apply toward future flight time. At this time they become a Member of the Co-op. Members are empowered to earn subsequent flight time and guide the furtherance of aircraft assets to re-invest in new kits and crews. Any net profit goes to the Co-op’s members and ongoing mission. It is the goal of the Co-op to assemble 4-8 aircraft each year, in support of 30-40 pilots in their quest to be licensed.

Investors and Sponsors


ABC welcomes Investors and Sponsors. For a detailed business plan, please refer to the following:  

Business Plan for Investors and Sponsors

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