Whether you are an aspiring pilot or a seasoned aviator, please join us!

Aircraft Builder’s Cooperative

2464 El Camino Real, #117, Santa Clara, CA 95051-3097

(408) 394-9281   info@aircraftbuilderscooperative.com

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Community members like you are essential to the success of the Cooperative, and we are very grateful for your support. We invite you to become a Sponsoring  Member or make a gift to support us! By doing so, you’ll provide needed funding for an exciting Co-op which is of great benefit to the South Bay community. Help preserve the legacy of flight by joining the Aircraft Builders Cooperative’s efforts to provide free flight training to our volunteer Builder/Pilots.

For your convenience, we offer donation and payment processing through  PayPal. Please make PayPal gifts payable to Aircraft Builders Cooperative. You may also mail your check, payable to  Aircraft Builder's Cooperative, to ABC’s mailing address, 1736 Ravizza Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 90551.

Please call Bob Hunt at (408) 800-7494 if you have questions or would like to make other arrangements for supporting ABC.


ABC is grateful for all our donors! Gifts in any amount are needed and very much appreciated, and all donors (and/ or their businesses) will be recognized on our website (unless you prefer to remain anonymous). All contributors receive invitations to join us at events such as Pilot License Commencement Dinners, Kitfox Aircraft Maiden Flight Receptions and periodic Open House Socials & Organizational Meetings.   Please note that ABC is an LLC, not a 501(c)3; contributions and sponsorships are  not  tax-deductible.  The Co-Op’s members and volunteers thank you for your generosity!

Sponsoring Members at the $1,000 level and above make an even greater impact. Aircraft Builder’s Cooperative’s Sponsoring Members fuel the work of the Co-op, and help make the dream of flight a reality for diverse individuals in our community. Your investment will have an important and tangible effect as the Cooperative grows and welcomes new Builder/ Pilot students.

All Sponsoring Members receive a 2% interest in the ABC Kitfox aircraft of their choice (as do Builder/ Pilot volunteers, upon licensure). This allows ABC to remain in FAA compliance while providing flight time access for its Members, in a way that is equitable for all.

Licensed pilots who become Sponsoring Members are entitled to up to 50 hours of complimentary flight time in the Kitfox airplane*.   Scheduling will be concurrent with student flight training and is thus subject to availability; advance reservations are required.

Sponsoring Members who have not yet attained their Sport Pilot’s License may also elect to receive ground schooling and flight training without volunteering their time toward the assembly of the aircraft.

In addition, Sponsoring Members receive up to 8 complimentary tickets* to the Pilot License Commencement Dinner, a catered dinner celebrating the success of our Builder/ Pilots upon receiving their Pilot's License. Additional tickets for events will be available for a nominal fee.

*Sponsoring Member benefits are detailed below,

or  download a printer-friendly Sponsorship Info Sheet.


$10,000 Sponsorship
50 hours of complimentary flight time
8 tickets to the Commencement Dinner

$5,000 Sponsorship
25 hours of complimentary flight time
4 tickets to the Commencement Dinner

$2,500 Sponsorship
10 hours of complimentary flight time
2 tickets to the Commencement Dinner

$1,000 Sponsorship
5 hours of complimentary flight time
1 ticket to the Commencement Dinner


Thank you for considering becoming a Sponsoring Member of Aircraft Builder's Cooperative. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Hunt at (408) 800-7494 or via email at bobh@aircraftbuilderscooperative.com